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Packing List:
Thread rolling machine: Machine body 7.5kw motor
Vibration: American style, diameter 900mm
spring plate: Wearing parts. length 380mm
Rolling mould: Wearing parts, 1 roller + 6 segment
Instruction book
Spiral nail thread rolling machine operating procedures:
The operator must inspect and clean the machine tool every shift, and do a good job in daily maintenance work to achieve orderliness, cleanliness, lubrication and safety.
1. Keep the surface of the machine tool tidy, clean, free of yellow robe, grease, and rust. Keep the machine parts and main accessories intact and clean.
2. Keep the working site and pedals of the machine tool clean and tidy. Keep the guide rail surface and sliding surface clean and lubricated; check the guide rail surface, work table surface and sliding surface for damage.
3. Keep the lubrication system with sufficient oil in all parts, the oil path is unblocked, the oil mark (window) is eye-catching, and the lubricating equipment is clean and complete. Check all oil storage parts, lubrication parts and pipelines (including cooling system pipelines) for leakage.
4. Keep electrical appliances, limit and interlocking devices safe and reliable.
5. Carry out equipment maintenance in time according to regulations and keep records. Fill in the hourly records on time every month.
6. It is not allowed to modify (manufacture) the equipment (including accessories) without permission.
7. Before work, check whether the rotation parts of the machine tool are in normal condition, whether the protective device is complete, whether there is any excess on the working surface, and add oil to each lubrication part. Only after confirming that there is no problem.
8. The threaded roller must be installed securely, and the roller must be stopped when adjusting and replacing the roller. When the machine tool is running, it is not allowed to reach into the bed surface to adjust the work or touch the machine tool.
9. When setting the knife, it is not allowed to drive and tighten the screws. Tighten the nuts after adjustment to work.
10. The operator must concentrate his energy and leave his hands away from the rolling part to prevent pressing his hands.Thread Rolling Machine suppliers

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