Product Description:
Non-woven Fabric
5 ply (100% new material)
1st ply: 50g leak proof Non-Woven Fabric
2nd ply: 40g Ethylene-Propylene Side By Side
3rd ply: 25g High Density Filter Layer
4th ply: 25g High Density Filter Layer
5th ply: 20g Direct Contact Skin Layer

Q: What kind of masks do you offer? How about the packing?
A: Our masks are made of 100% new materials, including non-woven and, most importantly, melt-sprayed fabric
Q: What is your minimum quantity and price?
A: We are factory, the minimum order quantity is 1000pcs. Will we quote according to the number of masks you need? You can consult the customer service for details.
Q:What are your terms of payment?
A: 50% payment before production and 50% payment before shipment.
Q: When is your delivery time?
A:If you need more detailed delivery time and freight information, you can contact our online customer service, who will answer all your questions.
Q: How productive are you?
A: We have 12 mask production lines, we can produce 100,000 KN95 masks A dayCustomized KN95 Mask

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