Product Specification
Part name: Custom Tapping Part Service
Accuracy: 0.003mm
Material: Stainless steel , Copper, Brass
The Main Cooperative Customers
The cooperative customers are the representative of diverse industry, such as ATS Automation, Osram, Philips, Hitachi, YAMAHA, Leica Geo system, Thales group, MARYLAND, Flextronics and others.
Raw Material And Feature
Tapping Process Introduction
Tapping refers to the use of a certain torque to screw the tap into the bottom hole to be drilled to produce an internal thread. ''Rigid tapping'' is also called ''synchronous feed tapping'' . It is important to select a suitable lubricant in tapping.
(1) The hole of the threaded bottom hole on the work piece should be chamfered, and both ends of the through hole thread should be chamfered.
(2) The position of the work piece clamp should be correct, and the center line of the threaded hole should be placed in a horizontal or vertical position as far as possible, so that the tapping axis can be easily judged.
Special lubricants are also needed in the tapping process, which can effectively reduce the friction between the work piece and the tap, reduce wear, and have a strong oil film to prevent scratches and wrinkles on the surface of the work piece, which can effectively improve work quality and efficiency. At the same time, it suppresses temperature rise, reduces sintering and seizure, extends the service life of the mold, protects the tool, inhibits the generation of black sludge, and does not corrode the work piece; the cooling effect is outstanding.
Anti-rusty oil鈫?Sydney paper packing鈫?Bubble pack inside鈫?Wooden box/plastic box or designated packaging mode.
The shipment mode relies on your actual requirement, will be shipped by sea, air, express or multimodal transportation.CNC Tapping Service factory

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