Kitchen paper is a special tissue for kitchen. It is bigger and thicker than ordinary paper towel, and has better water absorption and oil absorption. It is a good helper for home cleaning and food oil absorption.
Benefits Of Kitchen Paper:
1銆丆lean And Sanitary
After a few days of use, even if the cloth is washed clean every day, it will still accumulate a large number of bacteria (which can be increased by a multiple of 10 million to 10 million). If you continue to use it, it will not only get dirtier, but also leave a large number of bacteria invisible to the naked eye in your hands and the place you have wiped, which poses a threat to the health of your family. And it has strong cleaning ability, and is a disposable product, instead of rags, clean and sanitary, effectively protecting family members from bacterial invasion.
2銆丒asy To Use
Kitchen paper instead of dishcloth, can more easily and effectively clean the kitchen, while eliminating the trouble of cleaning dirty dishcloth, very convenient to use, suitable for our busy working people, so that everyone can easily have a clean kitchen! Convenient and fast, and there is a layer of special material outside the carton package, which can play a certain waterproof and oil proof effect, to ensure that the kitchen paper is clean and sanitary, free from oil pollution.
3銆?It Is Widely Used
Kitchen paper can not only be used for cooking, directly absorb food moisture and oil, is a good helper for cooking, but also can be widely used in household cleaning.
How To Use
Kitchen paper has two functions, one is for household cleaning, the other is to absorb food moisture and oil.
First, when it is used for kitchen affairs, I usually use it to dry the dishes, wipe the stove, range hood, etc. Because of its thick sheet of paper and strong water absorption, it will not leave hair or paper scraps, so it is also suitable for household cleaning in glass windows, mirrors, tables and other non kitchen places. In addition, the kitchen paper towel can be folded and padded at the bottom of the oil filter box of the range hood to absorb excess oil stains, so as to avoid stubborn oil stains accumulating in the box, which is convenient for cleaning.
It's also leak proof. Use kitchen paper pad under the seasoning bottle to prevent leakage; of course, it can also be placed in the refrigerator to prevent food and drink leakage, making the refrigerator easier to clean and convenient for household appliances.
The second is for food. The first is to absorb water. For example, before frying the fish, use it to absorb the water on the surface of the fish and in the pot, so that oil explosion will not occur when frying. After thawing meat will bleed water, it can be sucked to ensure fresh food hygiene. In addition, before the fruits and vegetables are put into the refrigerator, wrap them with kitchen paper and then cover them with fresh-keeping bags, which can keep the food fresh longer.
As for oil absorption, after frying food out of the pot, put it on the kitchen paper, let it absorb the excess oil, so that it doesn't taste so greasy, and of course it is more healthy.China Paper Towel suppliers

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