International cargo transportation insurance is realized by signing an insurance contract, and the insurance policy is the proof of the existence of the insurance contract. Once an insurance contract is concluded, both parties shall perform their obligations and enjoy rights in accordance with the terms of the contract, that is, the insurance clauses in the insurance policy.
International cargo transportation insurance is an insurance that takes various goods in the course of foreign trade goods transportation as the subject of insurance. There are many ways to transport foreign trade goods by sea, land, air, and postal delivery. The types of international cargo transportation insurance are divided into four categories according to the types of transportation vehicles that are the subject of insurance: marine transportation cargo insurance, land transportation cargo insurance, air transportation cargo insurance, and postal package insurance.
International trade transportation insurance procedures Sometimes two or more means of transportation are used in the whole process of a batch of goods. At this time, the main means of transportation in the whole process of freight is often used to determine the type of international trade transportation insurance insured.China Cargo Insurance

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