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Product Specification
Product name: Monument/Tombstone/Gravestone/headstone
Finishing:Polished/ Honed/ Flamed/ Brushed/ Sandblasted/ Natural Split/ Chiselled/ Inlay Craft/ Embossment Craft/ Engraving etc.
Available Style:Colorful Pattern/ Sculpture Tombstone Design/ Upright Headstone/ Flat Marker/ Slant/ Funeral Plate Style/ Cross Style/ Books/ Angle Headstone/ Statue/ Tree Headstone etc. We can accept custom design.
Available Sizes :Standard Size or Customized Size
While most granite bahama blue headstone are covered with a protective layer, it is important to note that this protective layer will wear out over time. If you are thinking of cleaning a stone from a very old cemetery, this stone will probably stand better than a new one. Remember that modern techniques for cleaning and maintaining new granite monuments may not be applicable to older stones. Marble monuments in particular are very difficult to clean because they are soft stones that can easily be stained. If you look after a human gravestone, burial place or plaque, you may find that the strain of the elements and wildlife takes an enormous toll on these conditions. For example, if you go to a cemetery and decide to visit a grave, do you notice that the tombstones of one of your relatives have lichen everywhere, or have you not noticed that they have lichen everywhere?Because granite is so durable, fine etchings can be made that are not so easily eroded by the weather. Due to the hardness of the granite, laser etching can be used to create tombstones, statues, memorial benches and memorial plaques. If you want a monument that lasts, the best tombstone materials are granite and bronze. For a particularly elegant look, a semi-precious stone bronze monument can be placed on a granite base. For example, if you can place your relatives at the foot of the monument or even above it, even for a simple bahama blue headstone.Gravestone

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