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Product Description
API 406 Steel Pipe Mill description:
API406 tube mill/pipe mill/welded pipe production/pipe making machine is used to produce oil and gas pipes of 219mm-406mm in OD and 5.0mm-16.0mm in wall thickness.
Process flow:
Scroll up鈫?Uncoiler鈫?Straightening end鈫?Flattener鈫?Auto-Shear and welder鈫?Horizontal Accumulator鈫?Strip UT鈫扚orming(ZTF) 鈫?H.F. induction welding鈫?Removing external burr鈫?Removing inner burr鈫?Burnishing鈫?Online Detection鈫?Seam annealer鈫?Air cooling鈫?Water cooling鈫?Sizing鈫?Cut off鈫?Roll table鈫扚lattening Test鈫?End-facing and chamfering鈫?Hydrostatic test鈫扥ff-line UT test鈫?Drifter鈫?inspection鈫扺eighing and length measurement 鈫?Coating & Printing鈫?Packing鈫?Warehouse
This machine adopts advanced F.F technique, forming steadily, high quality and convenient change specification. It consists of rough forming and finishing forming. They can be suit to various specifications, thus it save the use of rollers to 70%--80%, which improve the forming efficiency, also reduce the investment and spare parts.
API406 Steel Tube Mill Advantage:
1. FF forming process save roller up to 60%.
2. Automatic adjustment, save roller changing time.
3. Homogeneous deformation of each stand, improve pipe quality.
4. Low defective product rate.
5. Siemens, Yaskawa, Allen-Bradley motor as option.
API406 Steel Tube Mill Technical Parameter (This mill can be also customized.)
Finished productRound Tube桅219mm-蠁406mm
Thickness: 5.0mm-16.0mm
Thickness: 5.0mm-12.7mm (material: X70, N80)
Length Tolerance卤3.0mm
Production Speed10~40 m/min
Raw MaterialCoil MaterialL245, L360, A53, J55, N80, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70
Thickness: 5.0mm-16.0mm
Coil ID桅580-蠁630mm
Coil OD桅900锝炏?000mm
Coil Weight20.0 TonsChina API Tube Mill

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