In the packaging industry boxes are extensively used. These are made of paper, plastic, glass, wood, metal and others. These boxes come in wide variety of

colors, shapes and designs. Usage of these boxes range from packaging a bundle of books or readymade cloths to jewelry piece in a display box. Acrylic boxes

are a special type of rigid packaging boxes made up of acrylic. These boxes can be produced with transparent body. Transparent and lightweight features makes

them more attractive over other packaging boxes. These are used in displaying e.g. in jewelry shops, hotels, museums, cosmetic shops, aquarium fishing tanks,

etc. Acrylic is clear plastic with transparent polymers. The composition is pretty much the same for acrylic materials. Acrylic has many brand names.

Plexiglas is the first trademark name introduced by the Rohm and Haas Company. Other established brands include Lucite by du Pont, Acrylite by Evonik Cyro

LLC., Perspex, Oroglass, Optix, and Altuglass.
    Acrylic Boxes: Market Dynamics

    Acrylic is clear plastic with transparent polymers, has medium strength and low scratching usually can be removed. In today’s competitive market, some

areas of store are vital to achieving sales objectives. That’s why acrylic boxes display provides the solution to successfully highlighting specific brands

in strategic locations within the store. For instance, if someone have a need to increase sales in the Health and Beauty section, adding an acrylic boxes

display can increase focus where the shop owner want that focus to be. The number of retail stores, super markets, hotels, restaurants and bakeries are

growing in fast phase. This factor influences the demand for acrylic boxes. Acrylic flower boxes

are thermo plastics which can be melted down and reused.

    Making the products more visible and attractive for a consumer plays a vital role in increasing the sales. Flower box acrylic also helps in displaying the variety of available products or product mix in the store. Consumer

brand awareness can also be achieved. Acrylic boxes comes with lockers so precious things can be protected from damaging or theft. These boxes can be used to

collect donations at counters of any store, restaurant, offices etc. These are used as aquarium or fishing tanks. These boxes can also be used in home or

bathroom accessories to aggregate things at one place. Acrylic boxes are light weight so easy to transport or handle. This factor helps in optimizing the

logistics and warehousing for these boxes.

    One essential step in choosing acrylic vases is to figure out how the vase is

made. Some acrylic vase models are sturdier than others. Shoppers can consider the thickness of the acrylic product to see how well it will stand up to


    There is plastic, and then there’s acrylic. While technically a plastic material, acrylic combines glasslike clarity with toughness and durability.

Acrylic was developed and became commercially available in the 1930s, when it became a favorite of designers for celebrity homes. In home decorating,

transparent acrylic minimizes the visual footprint, so it is ideal for small spaces. Acrylic furniture

is most commonly seen in side acrylic chairs,

acrylic tables, desks and coffee tables.

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